USDA awards $1 million to KS Veterans Ag program

November 19, 2018
Press Release
WASHINGTON D.C.- On Thursday, the USDA- NIFA announced six awards to help military veterans pursue farming and ranching careers. Kansas’ Servicemember Agricultural Vocation Education Farm (SAVE) program will receive a $1 million grant.

SAVE works to provide a pathway for servicemen, servicewomen, and veterans to pursue careers in agriculture. This program works with Kansas State University, Cloud Community College, the K-State Extension Service, Manhattan Area Technical College, and other local schools so that veterans can receive their certificates in animal husbandry, row crops, produce, apiaries, farm maintenance, welding, auto repair, construction, farm business planning, plan execution, farm economics, marketing and more.

“SAVE provides amazing pathways for our vets to start their own agribusiness, and I am so glad that NIFA has acknowledged this program and is rewarding it with this sizable grant so that they can continue to expand and provide opportunities for our veterans wanting to enter the agriculture industry,” Rep. Marshall said.

Retired Lieutenant General Mike Dodson, a board chairman for SAVE, from Manhattan, KS said the following: 

“SAVE is grateful to USDA for providing these grant opportunities. KDA was essential to the crafting of the application. As always KSU, was a great partner. The availability of funding began on 1 September and enabled SAVE to provide some of our veterans with full-time paid positions.”

“It also allowed SAVE to begin the programmed purchase of farm equipment which will enable SAVE to offer better instruction in the field to our students.” 

“We appreciate the support of our Senators and Congressmen in working with USDA to shape these programs which offer such great opportunities to our veterans to lead meaningful lives, find solace and healing and provide for themselves and their families.”

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