Rep. Marshall votes to Rebuild and Reform Our Military

May 24, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON D.C.- Today the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act which provides a total of $708.1 billion in crucial military funding. The House-passed NDAA would give a well-deserved 2.6 percent pay raise for our troops, the largest increase our soldiers have seen in nine years.

This legislation is crucial for our nation’s security; it will give our troops the support they need to keep us safe at home and confront threats around the world.

“We ask a lot of our soldiers, and it is unacceptable that we have failed to provide them with the resources that they need  to protect themselves and this country,” Rep. Marshall said.

Congressman Marshall was proud to support a bill that prioritizes our men and women in uniform.

"A few weeks ago, the Secretary of the U.S. Amy and I sat down with soldiers of the Big Red One to discuss what they need from us. I was astounded by some of their responses, and I am hopeful that this legislation will provide them with the equipment they need,” Rep. Marshall said.

This bill provides funding to advance our technologies and reform the way we fight and win wars. It also authorizes $18.6 billion to rehabilitate and replace worn out Army equipment, so our soldiers can get the parts they need.

“I’m also proud the NDAA incorporated one of my amendments honoring our Big Red One soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in Operation Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom,” Rep. Marshall said.

Congressman Marshall's amendment allows the fallen soldiers names to be added to the First Division Monument in Washington, D.C., and join the names of their fallen comrades who served in WWI, WWII, Vietnam War and Desert Storm. 

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