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Congressman Roger Marshall

Representing the 1st District of Kansas

Rep. Marshall joins AFP, Trade Builds America panel with Steve Forbes

September 26, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON D.C.-On Tuesday, Congressman Marshall joined Steve Forbes and Americans for Prosperity in a Trade Builds Americapanel.  The panel discussion focused on the harmful effect that tariffs have on both U.S. consumers and exporters. 

When asked about the fallout from a trade war, Rep Marshall said.

“Right now, we’re seeing it with our Soybeans, where China is turning to Brazil, our main competitor for soybeans,” Rep. Marshall said. “And consequentially the cost of soybeans has dropped about 3 dollars a bushel. So, the ricochet and the domino effect, it’s all happening.”

Steve Forbes advocated for taking on trade abuses but also spoke strongly against tariffs that in result harm consumers.

“First of all, banish the word ‘tariff,’ Forbes said. “Tariff is another way of saying sales tax. When you hear a 25 percent tariff on autos, that’s a 25 percent sales tax on autos. When people hear the word sales tax, the light goes on, not good.”

Congressman Marshall shared his concerns on the use of tariffs and recognized its effects across the country. 

“I’m thinking of that single mom and her baby that I delivered seven years ago, and she has two kids at home, and what impacts her on a day-to-day basis,” Congressman Marshall said. “It’s the cost of health care, the cost of gasoline at the pump, and then her groceries. Those are the things she’s living day-to-day and week-to-week, and if her (car) battery dies, she has to flex away from her groceries to pay for a new battery. But if her groceries are going to go up, if you go to Walmart or Target, wherever you go for your toiletries, if those are going to go up too, it’s just going to kill that single mom, the people on the edges, seniors who are living on a fixed income.”

Marshall advocated for the Administration to quickly reach a final NAFTA deal and work to open profitable markets, specifically with the EU and Japan. 

“That’s the great thing about this President. He doesn’t want to keep kicking these issues down the road. Let's address the issues, it’s been since 1994, we do need better and more efficient trade agreements than we have right now,” Marshall said.

Forbes agreed saying, “The Congressman is exactly right, we should try to wrap up NAFTA, try to get the EU-UK negotiations settled, and then I think we can reach a real agreement with China.” 

For producers and consumers to get long-term relief and end trade abuses, Congressman Marshall understands the President’s desire to try something new to get countries’ attention. 

“The Presidents’ goals would be the same goals as everybody in here, zero tariffs,” Marshall said. “Certainly, the way he’s getting there might be different than I would have suggested, but to me, the end game is zero tariffs.”

Watch the full panel discussion here: