Marshall votes against growing national debt

November 19, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C - Today, the House of Representatives passed a 4-week continuing resolution, H.R. 3055, which, among other shortcomings, fails to adequately provide for America’s armed forces and continues to increase the national debt by kicking the can down the road. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., voted NO, and issued the following statement:

“Congress has a constitutional duty to provide for the common defense, but the Pentagon has been operating under a CR 13 of the last 18 years, which is inhibiting military readiness. Our troops need consistency as they face adversaries around the world, which this CR does not provide. Additionally, this bill continues us down a path of unsustainable debt, the burden of which will fall to our children and grandchildren.

Democratic leadership has neglected to send the necessary appropriations bills to the President’s desk. Democrats have been too busy trying to remove President Trump from office and are now cornering Members of Congress into a 'take it or shut it down vote'. Democrats seem to have plenty of time for this impeachment charade, but not enough time to actually govern or uphold their constitutional duties.”


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