February 14, 2019
Press Release

 Washington D.C.- Congressman Marshall will vote against today’s proposal saying the new deal missed the mark by a large margin.
“This ‘compromise’ is totally unacceptable,” Marshall said. “I’m not sure how this negotiating process went from bad to worse. The President was very clear about needing 5.7 billion to build 230 miles of the wall across the southern border. I cannot support a deal that only funds 55 miles of the wall.”
“Throughout this entire process we have seen those on the far-left use these negotiations as a messaging platform to attack the president, rather than focus on the crisis at our southern border,” Marshall said. “I’m fed up with it, and the more than 70 percent of Kansans in my district who want the wall built are sick and tired of the political games and dysfunction in Washington.”
The new border proposal is expected to pass through the House and Senate with a fraction of the money that the President requested to keep our country safe. 
“It is shameful that these negotiations failed to secure our border, so I understand and respect the president’s declaration,” Rep. Marshall said. “There is absolutely no one, Democrat or Republican, that could say the President hasn’t tried to negotiate this deal in good faith. The bottom line is, Democrats never shared the same goals as the American people or President Trump. The left in Congress has one goal in mind – defeating President Trump in 2020 – even at the expense of our safety and security as a nation.”

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