Marshall Takes Stance Against Anti-Semitism, Calls on Members to Stand with Israel

February 14, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C.- This week Congressman Marshall called on members of Congress to stand beside Israel and against the far-left Anti- Semitic comments made earlier this week by a Minnesota Representative.

"I must warn the general public that despite the warranted outcry we saw in response to the representative from Minnesota's irresponsible comments that this is the new normal for the liberal base in America,” Dr. Marshall said on the House floor. “Anti-Semitism has become an all-too-common occurrence among the Democrat base and the far left.”

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar insinuated on Twitter that money is what drives politicians support for Israel.

It is this type of loose, cheap, anti-Semitic rhetoric that led to the rise of the Third Reich,” Rep. Marshall said. “It is clear to all of us; there are a couple of new colleagues across the aisle need be reminded, in fact, they need to admit, that the brutal regime of Iran is the chief obstacle to peace and security in the Middle East.”

Following harsh criticism from Republicans, and even top members of the Democratic party, she later in a tweet apologized for her Anti-Semitic tweets.

Watch Congressman Marshall’s address to members HERE:


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