Marshall Stands With Law Enforcement

June 25, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., will vote NO to the Justice in Policing Act, a partisan bill that would have negative impacts on Kansas’ law enforcement agencies and remove important protections for law enforcement officers. 

“As the son of a chief of police, I could never vote for this partisan Nancy Pelosi bill. This bill will hinder a police officer’s job to ‘serve and protect,’ said Rep. Marshall. “I have personally spoken with Kansas police officers and Kansas sheriffs, and they firmly oppose this bill. This bill was crafted with zero input from a single Republican, and as we’ve heard twice now this week, Nancy Pelosi would rather make outrageous statements like calling Republicans murderers than work on a bipartisan bill to enact responsible and needed reforms. National Democrats have made a political stunt out of a tragedy with this bill.”

What others are saying about this legislation:

“The Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police is supportive, and appreciative of Dr. Roger Marshall and all representatives that voted “No” to The Justice in Policing Act.  Although Kansas Chiefs desire transparency and work tirelessly to build community trust, this legislation would have had adverse effects on the safety of Kansans.  The KACP looks forward to working with Dr. Marshall and all local, state, and federal leadership to protect the U.S. Constitution and promote positive criminal justice reform,” said Chief Doug Schroeder, KACP 2019-2020 President

"The Sheriffs of Kansas appreciate Congressman Marshall's NO VOTE on House Bill HR7120.  One of our key oppositions to the Bill is eliminating the defense of Qualified Immunity for law enforcement officers.  Congressman Marshall understands that the defense is essential to the protection of peace officers who act in good faith and would have a devastating impact on law enforcement who must be able to respond without hesitation while relying on clearly established law.  Qualified immunity is not a defense for a peace officer who knowingly violates an individuals’ constitutional rights,” said Sheriff Sandy Horton, Retired, Executive Director, Kansas Sheriffs Association

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