Congressman Roger Marshall

Representing the 1st District of Kansas

Marshall sits down with President Trump, discusses health care and trade

March 8, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON D.C.-This week, Dr. Marshall and members of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), on which he serves as the Chairman of the Health Care Task Force, met with President Trump in the Oval Office to discuss advancing the committee’s agenda forward. 

“We discussed our plans to drive down health care costs and other market-based reforms that would give patients choice, access, and protect those with preexisting conditions.”

Congressman Marshall said. “These have been top priorities for my office, and as the Health Care Task Force Chairman, I was honored to sit down with the President and outline what fixing our broken health care system looks like. 

In the nearly two-hour long meeting, President Trump expressed his support and commitment to the conservative agenda.

“Whether it’s a closed-door discussion, or an event open to the press, the President is transparent in expressing exactly what he feels. In the meeting, he was very positive and asked for our opinions. He was engaged and open to hearing our solutions.” Congressman Marshall said. 

As the largest caucus of conservatives in Congress, the RSC plays a critical role in shaping Republican policies, and challenging Democrat leadership when faced with misguided policies.

In the meeting, President Trump also discussed pending trade agreements with Congressman Marshall.

“Point blank, he assured me that he would not sign a bad trade deal for Kansas farmers. The president confidently said that they are making great progress with China and will prioritize the approval of USMCA by Congress.” 



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