Marshall Releases "Tough On China" Plan

May 20, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., released his “Tough On China” plan to combat China’s efforts to undermine the United States’ long-term interests in the areas of national security, health care, agriculture and trade.

“Marshall, a doctor, delivered the first House speech on the coronavirus. He said the information he was reading and hearing in January didn’t jibe.” - Washington Times.

Rep. Marshall was the first Member of Congress to speak about the threat of COVID-19 and this plan demonstrates actions taken and being currently pursued by him in Congress and in collaboration with the Trump Administration. View Dr. Marshall’s full “Tough on China” plan here.

What Dr. Marshall has done:
· Supported FY 2018/19/20 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which was called the “toughest bill on China in history.”
· Voted to allow the Pentagon to present strategies to impose political, military, economic, budgetary, and technology costs on China.

What Dr. Marshall is doing:
· Original cosponsor of the COVID-19 Accountability Act, which empowers President Trump to take decisive action against the Chinese Government for their role in the COVID-19 outbreak, and for other purposes that counter Chinese influence in the region.
· Supports the Indo-Pacific Deterrence Initiative - a $6 billion fund to counter Chinese aggression in South East Asia.
· Working with Republican Conference Chairwoman, Liz Cheney in urging President Trump and Secretary Pompeo to ensure China is included in nuclear arms control efforts. This is especially critical in light of China’s recent aggressive rhetoric threatening to expand its nuclear arsenal to 1,000 warheads.

What Dr. Marshall has done:
· First person in Congress to sound the alarm on Chinese propaganda regarding coronavirus. 

What Dr. Marshall is doing:
· Leading GOP Doc Caucus investigation of World Health Organization.
· Preventing future reliance on China for medical supplies by cosponsoring legislation like, the Medical Supply Chain Security Act (H.R. 6049), which would strengthen the American medical supply chain by giving the FDA the authority to analyze sourcing locations of medical products and help more quickly bring products to market.

What Dr. Marshall has done:

· Supported negotiations and implementation of the China Phase 1 Trade Deal, which holds China accountable and levels the playing field on trade for Kansas farmers and ranchers.
· Supported President Trump’s decision to implement tariffs on China for intellectual property theft and unfair trade practice.
· Encouraged the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to establish a U.S. - Taiwan Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

What Dr. Marshall is doing:
· Monitoring purchases of American commodities by China to ensure they are meeting the requirements of the Phase 1 Trade Deal.
      · If China fails to meet its obligations, President Trump’s tariffs will come back in full force.
· Continuing to work with President Trump and his administration to develop strong bilateral agreements that put the interest of American farmers and ranchers FIRST. 

View Dr. Marshall’s entire “Tough on China” plan HERE for a full list of actions, cosponsorships, and votes.

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