Marshall Pushes for Additional Support for Kansas Small Businesses

September 23, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON - The Paycheck Protection Program has been one of the most successful programs created by the CARES Act. This spring, more than 50,000 loans totaling $5 billion were made to businesses in Kansas, saving approximately 500,000 jobs across the state. 

While many Kansans have returned to work and most businesses have resumed operations, there are still businesses and families who are feeling the impacts of the crisis and need additional relief. Today, U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D. cosponsored H.R. 8265, a bill authored by Small Business Committee Ranking Member Steve Chabot which would allow struggling small businesses to take a second loan from the remaining $138 billion in PPP funds. He has also signed onto Rep. Jamie Herrera Butler’s H. Res. 116, which would allow for immediate consideration of Ranking Member Chabot’s important relief legislation. 

“While Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats remain determined to play partisan games, I remain committed to supporting small businesses and the Main Streets of rural Kansas,” said Rep. Marshall. “Rather than listening to her own caucus and working across party lines, she continues to obstruct efforts to bring relief legislation to the House floor. Small businesses are the backbone of our rural economy. Allowing political obstructionism and partisan games to set the agenda in Washington is not the type of “leadership” that our hardworking Americans deserve, and I strongly support reopening the PPP to small businesses in need.”

H.R 8265 sets aside $25 billion in PPP funding specifically for businesses with 10 employees or fewer, while allowing certain other businesses to get a second PPP loan. Consistent with the original Paycheck Protection Program, funding from the new round of loans must be used on payroll and authorized business-related expenses. 


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