February 13, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON D.C.-  Today Dr. Marshall joined Fox News to discuss the recently passed New York law that allows for late-term abortions up until the final minutes before the baby is due. 

Congressman Marshall has delivered thousands of babies as an Obstetrician for 25 years and has been outspoken in his belief that this legislation, which legalizes infanticide, is immoral and barbaric.

Rep. Roger Marshall says N.Y. abortion law is a danger to mothers:

This week, Congressman Marshall also wrote an op-ed published on discussing this law in-depth and raising awareness to the serious health risks involved with late-term abortions.

“The late-term abortion process that New York passed into law is inhumane, for both the child and the mother,” Marshall wrote.“The further along in a pregnancy, the more risk from complications come with an abortion procedure.

New York’s bill, the Reproductive Health Act, was signed into law on January 22nd. 

"New York's law demonstrates a complete disregard for life and medical standards that should be strongly condemned by all physician organizations and all Americans," Marshall wrote. 

Read the full op-ed here: Rep. Roger Marshall: NY abortion law is a danger to mothers – I know, as a doctor who's delivered 5,000 babies


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