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Congressman Roger Marshall

Representing the 1st District of Kansas

Marshall Delivers Emotional National Police Week Speech

May 18, 2017
Press Release

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., delivered an emotional speech celebrating National Police Week today on the House Floor. In the speech, he talked about his father, who was the Chief of Police in El Dorado, Kan., for 25 years. He also thanked those men and women who have served, those who are serving, and their families.



I rise today to give a very personal thanks to our men and women in uniform during this National Police week.

I was raised the son of a the Chief of Police and head of the fire department of El Dorado, Kansas, some 25 years. In that time, he taught me discipline and values. He taught me there was right, and there's wrong. That some things are black and white in the world. And my father represented what the law was in my community. 

Today, I celebrate this week with him and the men and women who served with him, who gave me a deep respect for the rule of law, and those who serve daily to uphold it. Certainly I am who I am today because of what my parents taught me, my family and my community - and they still do to this day.

I can remember growing up, and the first day my dad brought home Rene, our trained police dog, and how that dog became part of our family. A very gentle dog, until one morning we were playing football in the back yard, and one of my friends tacked me, and we watched that police dog climb a 6-foot high fence to come to my rescue. 

I remember my dad pulling people from fires. I remember riding in the back of an old Jeep that was overhauled from the Army Reserve to fight prairie fires and grass fires - something that I'm sure kids wouldn't be allowed to do today.

My dad took me to the firing range time and time again, and I'd watch him shoot 25 rounds into a small circle the size of a quarter for weeks and weeks, trying to do his job right. 

I remember him getting called out to domestic disturbances and crime scenes. I remember him disarming people with weapons time and time again - putting his life on the line.

But it is just not my family, Mr. Speaker. Families across the country have loved ones who served their communities, states and country. 

Earlier this week, President Trump gave a great message:

“No one asked these selfless men and women to enlist in this righteous cause, or to enroll as foot soldiers in the eternal struggle against crime and violence.  They joined the cause because their hearts were big and full of amazing courage"

Mr. Speaker, I salute the men and women in uniform, and thank them for their service. Thank you.