Marshall Applauds Roadmap for Ending Veteran Suicide

June 22, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Ending Veteran suicide has been a top priority for U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., and President Trump. On Thursday, the President unveiled a roadmap to ending Veterans suicide. This follows an executive order issued in March 2019 establishing a three-year effort known as the President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide (PREVENTS), which marshals the resources of the federal government to stop the crisis and protect our nation’s veterans. 

"As a veteran and physician, I understand both the complexity and severity of the issue of Veteran suicide,” said Rep. Marshall. “Since coming to Washington, I have worked with the VA at both the national and local levels to bring awareness to the issue of veteran suicide and help connect veterans and veteran organizations with resources provided by the VA to prevent unnecessary veteran deaths."

“Just as there is no single cause of suicide, no single organization can end Veteran suicide alone,” said Secretary of Veteran Affairs Robert Wilkie. “As a veteran and physician, Rep. Marshall understands this, and we are grateful for his support in helping PREVENTS bring together stakeholders across all levels of government and in the private sector to work side by side to provide our Veterans with the mental health and suicide prevention services they need.” 

The PREVENTS roadmap provides recommendations in four areas: programs, research, policies and communications strategy and will build upon President Trump’s commitment to improving services for all veterans. This work is reflected in veterans’ trust in the VA system, which reached an all-time high of 80 percent in April, reflecting a 19 percent increase since January 2017.


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