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Congressman Roger Marshall

Representing the 1st District of Kansas

Bye Bye Dreaded Tax Day!

April 17, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today, the nation recognizes the worst day of the year: ‘Tax Day.’ Luckily, this is the last time Americans will file their taxes under the outdated, complicated, and broken tax code. Moving forward, due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, people will be able to quickly and easily file their taxes.
“You shouldn’t dread doing taxes and feel like our tax code is working against you. Hardworking families in my district will receive an average tax cut of $2,012 next year,” Rep. Marshall said.   
Last week Rep. Marshall met with President Trump to discuss the results of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed in December.
“90 percent of Americans will see an increase in pay and/or benefits due to this improved tax code. I went across my district and spoke with folks firsthand about what these benefits mean for families in my district,” Rep. Marshall said 
On the District work period, Congressman Marshall met with businesses throughout the district to discuss the ways Tax Reform is working for them.
Here's what a few Kansas companies have said after tax reform was passed:
“Thanks to federal tax reform we’ve seen Kansas businesses hand out bonuses, increase wages, and provide other benefits to their employees. Middle-class taxpayers are also keeping more of their hard-earned money which allows them to pay down bills, cover unexpected costs, or save for their child’s education. We applaud Rep. Marshall for supporting this vital reform and helping un-rig our economy.” -Jeff Glendening, Americans For Prosperity Kansas State Director
“Our employees have been happy with the added [dollars] to their paychecks. They have also enjoyed the raises and bonuses that were passed along to them.”–Johnson Retail Liquor 
“With the corporate income tax reduction from 34% to 21%, Westar Energy, Kansas’ largest electric utility, will be updating its prices soon for the new lower federal tax rate, which will save customers about $74 million per year.” –Westar Energy
“Because of [tax reform], we wanted to share with our employees. Our board of directors considered a one-time bonus but felt we should go beyond that, and awarded all employees with an immediate increase in their base salary. This will provide a longer-term benefit since future merit increases are based on a percentage of their salary/wages.”–United Bank & Trust
“Because we are a C Corporation, we got a direct benefit . . . Before we didn’t match our employees 401K, we just implemented that. And it was directly because of the tax reform. It’s also enabling us to go out and do a study to ensure we have our employees at a competitive compensation rate. The other thing it will enable us to do is use some of those dollars to go out to underserved areas around us.  We will invest some of those dollars to serve those areas.”-WTC Communications 
“Tax reform legislation will allow us to make future investments in our facilities. We also gave bonuses to all of our employees. This is good news overall for our industry."–American Packaging Company
"I am planning to use this bonus to help pay for Christmas expenses."-Employee of Nelson Ag Company
“Individual tax rates are going down, and with 94 percent of farmers and ranchers paying taxes as individuals, this is a welcome change. The doubling of the estate tax exemption to $11 million per person will also provide relief to the vast majority of farmers and ranchers. The bill also provides the opportunity for farmers and ranchers to immediately deduct expenses like feed, seed, fertilizer, and chemicals.”–Kansas Farm Bureau