The Crisis on our Southern Border

January 9, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON D.C.-Last night President Trump stressed the urgent humanitarian crisis at our southern border in his first address to the nation. Yesterday, Congressman Marshall addressed the House floor to echo the need to secure our nation's borders. 

“The crisis on our southern border is very real,” Rep. Marshall said. “When I took the oath to represent the big first district of Kansas, it became my responsibility to put our citizens and their security first. Without secure borders, we cannot ensure our nation's safety, period. We have tens of thousands of immigrants filling our entryways every month and in result drugs, criminals, and violence spilling into our country.” 

Congressman Marshall challenged anyone that denies the crisis at our borders to go and see the influx of migrants first hand, as he did earlier in the year. 

“According to D.H.S. And U.S. Border patrol, illegal trafficking has dropped more than 90 percent in places where walls and barriers were built,” Marshall said on the House floor. “It's embarrassing that even with this evidence my friends on the other side of the aisle shut down the government because this Congress cannot do its most basic duty to do its job and prioritize our country's safety by funding initiatives that we know for a fact work.”

The $5.7 billion in funding that the President is asking will pay off for decades and is a necessary step in securing America's future. 

“It's crucial that we also address and fix our very broken immigration system and allow hardworking migrants who want to work hard and raise their families in the United States to come,” Marshall said. “There is a right way to do this. There is a win-win-win opportunity.”

In his address, Marshall acknowledged that there is a way for everyone to come out of the shutdown with victories.”

“I'm continually frustrated by the narrative we can't win for all American parties here in these negotiations,” he continued. “This an opportune moment to quit kicking the can down the road and work together to couple border security priorities with long-term immigration fixes. As we enter the 17th day of government shutdown, I will continue to stand to secure America and hope my colleagues choose an open government over open borders.”


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