2018 Farm Bill Passes Through Committee

April 18, 2018
Press Release

Washington D.C.-  For almost 6 hours today the House Agriculture Committee debated and amended the initial draft of the 2018 Farm Bill.  Following the markup session, the Farm Bill passed through the House Committee on Agriculture on a party line vote.

“Today is a good day for Kansas farmers and ranchers, as we moved one step closer to providing the certainty they need to compete in these challenging times,” Rep Marshall said. “It protects crop insurance, expands rural broadband, provides additional funding to EQIP, and strengthens our farm programs.”  

The 2018 Farm Bill now heads to the House floor for a vote.

Those who voted in opposition to the bill expressed disappointment that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) placed a 20-hour work or career training requirement on able-bodied recipients aged 18-59. 

“Voting against this bill completely undermines the struggles our farmers are facing,” Rep Marshall said. “Mid-term election posturing should never be put ahead of our farmers, and it’s clear by the vote today that was the case.” 

Congressman Marshall welcomed the committee’s work on nutrition programs, especially as the bill improves nutrition access and training programs for many vulnerable populations.  

“I couldn’t be more proud to work with the House Ag Committee as we advanced a bill which provides incentives for consumers to purchase healthy staples, expands access to nutrition benefits for our military families and makes an unheard of investment in employment and training programs,” Rep Marshall said. Of the work training funding, “Often, the biggest obstacle to able bodied SNAP recipients moving up the economic ladder, is training. We have an opportunity in this bill to not just ensure beneficiaries have access to food, but that if they want a spot in an education and training program we have provided funding to guarantee those spots are available. I want folks to not just have a job, but a career. This is a critical component to living a fulfilling life.” 

In the markup session, Rep. Marshall also introduced an amendment to streamline the Emergency Conservation Program application process for both Farm Service Agency employees and ranchers. 

His amendment was included in the bill, Read more on the amendment HERE


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