KS Rep. introduces bill to boost aviation industry

November 24, 2019
In The News

Kansas Representative Roger Marshall, M.D., and Representative Haley Stevens, introduced the Aeronautics Innovation Act.

This bill works to provide continuity and budget stability for U.S. aeronautics research through administration changes and political shifts in Congress. A main goal of this bill is to keep the U.S. aviation industry competitive as other countries catch up.

“Kansas is known as the Air Capitol of the World, manufacturing up to 70 percent of the world’s embedded aircraft fleet while creating nearly 50,000 jobs and approximately $10 billion in economic output,” said Rep. Marshall. “Growing up outside Wichita, I was well aware of the impact and importance the aviation industry had on my state. The U.S. has been a world leader in aviation research and innovation, and it is vital to maintain that competitive advantage not only for continued economic growth but for national security, space, and science technologies.”

“We are grateful for the leadership of Rep. Marshall and Sen. Moran in supporting the advancement of aviation and the work we do at K-State Polytechnic to further the development of unmanned aircraft system technology,” said Kansas State University President Richard Myers. “Their support will continue to ensure Kansas and the U.S. stay at the forefront in the research and development of advanced technologies for safe unmanned flight operations on a national and global scale.”

This bill has been sent to a House committee for further consideration. As of November 24, this bills’ text was not available for review.


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