Congressman Roger Marshall makes a statement on threat to arrest McPherson barber

May 9, 2020
In The News

A McPherson barber was threatened with arrest for staying open, and Kansas congressman Roger Marshall isn't happy about it.

Kansas congressman Roger Marshall says self-employed barber Luke Aichele was taking safety precautions and continued to operate, threatened with an arrest warrant if he continued to work and earn money during the crisis.

Marshall added that, since the barber is self-employed, he is not yet eligible for unemployment benefits due to the delay of state program rollouts.

KAKE News reached out to McPherson law enforcement. A dispatch supervisor says they cannot confirm or deny an arrest warrant was issued or threatened, and that the county attorney may respond Monday.

Here is the congressman's statement:

“In a time of crisis, our country’s foundation in liberty, and our state’s founding in freedom are more important than ever.

When coronavirus hit our state, Kansans were willing to comply within reason to protect their friends and neighbors. But now, we’re seeing an administration in Kansas who is quicker to scrap our God-given freedoms than finding ways to protect our rights, our livelihoods and our local businesses.

This week in McPherson, barber Luke Aichele was threatened with an arrest warrant if he continued to work and earn money during this crisis – regardless of safety precautions he had already taken.

I spoke to Luke on the phone today. It's worth adding that because Luke is self-employed – and is the only breadwinner in his household – he is still not able to access unemployment benefits due to the delay and failures of the current administration in Topeka, even though the federal government made those benefits available a long time ago.

I was raised by a Chief of Police. I was raised to respect the law. But I was also raised with basic common sense. Telling someone they cannot work to feed their family, offering them no help, and then threatening their arrest if they safely try to earn a living is wrong.

We are so much better than this.”

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