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November 30, 2020 Press Release

SALINA – On November 21, the office of U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D. conducted interviews for students in the First Congressional District of Kansas applying to attend one of the four U.S. Military Service Academies. This year’s interviews were done via Zoom to protect the health and safety of both students and panelists. 

May 20, 2020 Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., released his “Tough On China” plan to combat China’s efforts to undermine the United States’ long-term interests in the areas of national security, health care, agriculture and trade.

“Marshall, a doctor, delivered the first House speech on the coronavirus. He said the information he was reading and hearing in January didn’t jibe.” - Washington Times.

May 18, 2020 Press Release

On Friday, U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D. helped introduce the COVID-19 Accountability Act to hold China account for creating a global crisis and giving President Trump the authority to impose sanctions on China if the country fails to fully cooperate with a complete investigation into the outbreak of COVID-19.

April 7, 2020 Editorials

Originally Published by Fox News

Having practiced medicine for nearly 30 years, I have seen how foreign dependence, specifically on imports from China, harms the medical supply chain and our readiness for an outbreak firsthand.

April 1, 2020 Press Release
Following U.S. Intelligence news today that China intentionally underreported the number of both total cases and deaths from COVID-19 in its country, including a complete lack of reporting over a month before the world knew of the outbreak, Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., issued the following statement:
March 27, 2020 Press Release
Today, Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., returned to Capitol Hill to vote YES on the Senate Amendment to H.R. 748 – Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, which will put emergency cash into the hands of American families and workers, while also delivering desperate relief to agriculture producers, ranchers, small businesses, and provide needed funding for health care workers and hospitals. During the debate, Dr. Marshall made remarks from the floor, and after the vote he released the following statement:
March 20, 2020 Press Release

SALINA, KS – On Thursday, U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., helped welcome two truckloads of much needed Personal Protection Equipment to Kansas. These supplies, which include face masks, gloves, and gowns, will be much needed should the COVID-19 infection rate increase in Kansas. This equipment is needed to protect nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, and other medical staff. These supplies are now available as President Trump has declared a national emergency.

March 11, 2020 Press Release
As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. increases, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to supply public testing facilities at the state and local levels with additional testing kits to match the increase in demand. President Trump and his administration continue to work with state health departments to ensure that anyone who should be tested has the ability to be tested and given results in a timely manner. “The CDC continues to work with state health officials to provide states with additional testing capabilities,” said U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D. “By the end of the week, the CDC will have more than 4 million tests ready to ship to public labs across the U.S. We have the capability to test those who need tested and the CDC has provided our physicians with the ability to test anyone they believe should be tested. This is not a time for panic but instead a time to put into place those practices and procedures we have been taught to reduce the spread of germs. My office has been in communication with the CDC almost daily and I am confident in the work being done by President Trump and this administration to support our health care providers and control the spread of this virus.”
March 4, 2020 Press Release
Today, Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., voted YES, and the House passed, H.R. 6074, the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Appropriations Act, to continue to address the virus at home and abroad, including expediting vaccine development, purchasing essential equipment and supplies, and assisting state and local health departments. Congressman Marshall issued a statement following the vote:

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