Coronavirus Resources


For Families & Individuals

Childcare Resources: HHS's Administration for Children and Families has created ChildCare.Gov as a resource to connect parents with child care providers in their state and help emergency workers connect with resources to pay for childcare during the pandemic. 

Kansas Dept of Commerce Jobs Board: The Kansas Dept of Commerce has put together job openings for Kansans looking for employment. Find their job board HERE

IRS Individual Impact Aid: The IRS has released more details on the individual impact payments authorized under the CARES Act. Click HERE for details. 

The House Ways and Means Committee has also created a great FAQ on the provisions of the individual payments. Click HERE to learn more. 

The IRS has published a FAQ page, click HERE to find answers to the most commonly asked questions. 

If you want to track your payment, click HERE for the Get My Payment App

Connecting with Elderly Loved Ones: Have a loved one in a nursing home or long-term care facility? Click HERE for some great tips and resources from LeadingAge Kansas on staying connected to loved ones while in-person visits are prohibited.

Notice of Scams: The FCC has been notified of several scams involving the COVID-19 outbreak. Click HERE to learn more about what you need to avoid. 

The Department of Justice has also published a set of resources and contacts that can be used to report scams, particulary those targeting the elderly. Click HERE to access that information. 

CFPB Resources: Unsure how to handle personal financial situations? The Consumer Financial Protect Bureau (CFPB) has assembled a resource guide for various financial issues and hardships individuals may be facing. Click HERE to read more. 

Telemedicine Provisions for Medicare: Medicare beneficiaries can now use online tools to work with doctors and physicians. This can include Facetime and Skype, Zoom call or any digital platform created by the provider. Click HERE for frequently asked questions. 

For Business Leaders

***UPDATED*** Federal Reserve Response: The Federal Reserve is committed to using its full range of tools to support households, businesses and the U.S. economy overall in this challenging time. You can find details on the Federal Reserve's actions in response to the coronavirus outbreak HERE

***NEW*** Main Street Lending Program: The Main Street Lending program is now fully operational and ready to purchase loans from participating lenders. The Federal Reserve will work with approved lenders to purchase loans created to deliver liquidity to struggling businesses. Congress approved $75 billion for the program, with the intention of helping those businesses that were not eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program but still in need to additional liquidity. Click HERE to learn more about the program and eligibility requirements. 

For Lenders: The program is now open for lender registration. Click HERE to create a lender account and participate in the program. 

For Borrowers: The program was created for small to mid-sized businesses with minimum loan size at $250,000. More eligibility details and terms of the loans can be found HERE

Hospital Funding: The CARES Act provides for a variety of funding opportunities for hopsitals. Click HERE to learn more about the various funding opportunities available for Kansas hospitals. 

FMLA/Sick Leave Provisions: U.S. Department of Labor has issued guidance for the expanded Family and Medical Leave Act and Sick Leave providing provided for in HR 6201. Guidance for employees can be found HERE. Guidance for employers can be found HERE. General questions and answers can be found HERE. The WSJ also published a helpful explainer piece, which can be found HERE

The Treasury Department has issued guidance to help Small Business owners better understand the Paid Sick and Family Leave. Click HERE to learn more. Finalized rules, published April 1, can be found HERE

Unemployment Insurance: The CARES Act created the temporary Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program. Click HERE to learn more. The DOL has issued guidance on the program. Click HERE to review. This program does the following:

  • Extends unempoyment benefits to contract, gig and other previously uncovered Americans
  • Part-time and furloughed individuals can also receive benefits 
  • Provides an additional $600/week in benefits through July 2020

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly issued an executive order March 31, allowing for the temporary suspension of state rules to allow Kansans to access the full federal unemployment benefits. 

SBA Paycheck Protection Program: Resources for small businesses authorized by the CARES Act - Phase 3 creates two new programs for businesses: the Paycheck Protection Act and the Express Bridge Loans for existing SBA borrowers. Click HERE to learn more about all SBA lending programs. These are available for both 501(c)3s and for-profit small businesses. All businesses must have 500 or fewer employees. ***The deadline to apply for PPP has been extended to Aug. 8, 2020.***

The USDA Rural Development office has released guidance for farms and hospitals with existing USDA loans that chose to participate in the PPP program. Click HERE for complete guidance. 

  • The Treasury Department has made public the application for the Paycheck Protection Loan program. Click HERE to learn more. Finalized rules, published April 2, can be accessed HERE
    • Churches and non-profits are eligible for the PPP. More guidance can be found HERE
  • The application for non-SBA-approved lenders wanting to participate in the Paycheck Protection Loan program can be found HERE. This must be submitted prior to and in addition to the borrower's application for the PPL program.
    • The Small Business Administration has also launched a hotline for lenders who need assistance accessing SBA's E-Tran system. That number is: 1-833-572-0502. 
  • The Treasury issued updated guidance and FAQs on various pieces of the PPP on May 13. Click HERE to access. 
  • The IRS has issued its own guidance on the PPP and EIDL program. It can be accessed HERE
  • The SBA has issued final rules on the program. It can found HERE
  • The Treasury has issued updates on PPP funding distribution by state. Click HERE to see the full report. 

*New* Forgiveness Guidance: The SBA and Treasury have announced documented guidance for forgiveness of the PPP loans along with the necessary application to apply for forgiveness of the funds. Click HERE to access the Interim Final Rule. 

SBA EIDL Program: The Kansas Emergency Declaration for the COVID-19 crisis has been approved by the federal government. Business owners can now apply for an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan online in the Disaster Loan Application Portal

The SBA has issued updates on EIDL funding distribution by state. Click HERE to see the full report. 

Additional Tax Provisions: The Phase 3 CARES Act provides several tax provisions for business owners. Learn more HERE

Dislocated Worker Grants: The U.S. Department of Labor has made available up to $100 million in National Health Emergency Dislocated Worker Grants in Response to the COVID-19 outbreak. These funds will run through the state and help with training and assistant for dislocated workers. Click HERE for more info. 

Shared Work Program: The KS Dept of Labor's Shared Work Program also offers resources and options for employees to reduce employees' hours, keep them on payroll and still allow them to collect partial unemployment. Click HERE for more details. 

Financial Services Assistance: The House Financial Services Committee has compiled a list of resources and announcements that will help business owners during this outbreak. Click HERE to learn more. 

Critical Infrastructure/Employees: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has identified 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors. The list of sectors, which can be found HERE, is intended to serve as a guide for local, state and industry partners in identifying the critical infrastructure sectors and the essential workers needed to maintain these services and functions Americans depend on daily and need in order to be able to operate resiliently during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Governor Kelly issued an executive order outlining Kansas' Essential Functions Framework, which gives counties a framework by which to identify essential functions and industries that can remain open in the case of a county-level stay-at-home order. Text of that order can be found HERE. Counties can add industries or employers to this list and any employers wanting to ensure they are included on this list should appeal to the local jurisdiction. 

Department of Education: The U.S. Dept of Education announced details of its funding for higher education. Half of the funds must be used to help students displaced by COVID-19. Click HERE to see a letter from Sec. DeVoss. Click HERE to find the funding breakdown for each college. **NEW**The Dept of Education has begun releasing FAQs to help answer commonly asked questions regarding the funding. You can find that guidance HERE

Business Exporting Assistance: Businesses experiencing issues or disruptions in exports during the COVID-19 outbreak, are encouraged to reach out to the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Services. They have made some modifications on how they are handling export programs and encourage export businesses to touch base with their staff. Click HERE for the Kansas office. 

The Export-Import Bank of the U.S. has announced relief measures for exporters and lenders impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. More information on the organization's new assistance and relief programs can be found HERE

CDL License Guidance: The U.S. Dept of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued waivers for renewal and completion of CDL licensure due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Click HERE for more information. 

USDA Rural Development Programs: The USDA Rural Development office has released guidance for delays and changes in payment requirements for various lending and financing programs. Click HERE to learn more. 

The FDA has released new, temporary guidance to allow restaurants and food manufacturers to sell ingredients or bulk products directly to consumers. See complete notice by the FDA HERE. This rule is intended to help curb food waste and allow restaurants and food processors to reduce inventory. 

For Agriculture

**New**Coronavirus Food Assistance Program: The USDA has released final details of its Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, which delivers payments to farmers and livestock owners impacted by COVID. Click HERE for the final rule from USDA and OMB. Read the USDA's announcement of the program HERE. A quick one-page document with payment rates is available HERE

Comprehensive Agriculture/Producer Resources: House Agriculture Committee Republicans have created a comprehensive list of resources available to producers through the USDA and the CARES Act. Click HERE to access those resources. 

Rural Community Resources: The USDA Rural Development office has released a resource guide for rural community leaders dealing with the impact of COVID-19. You can access the resource guide HERE

FSA Changes: The USDA Farm Service Agency has announced new flexibility in lending, conservation and safety net program. Click HERE for more information. 

USDA Resources: The USDA now has all of its coronavirus resources in one location. Find the rural development's coronavirus rural development resources HERE


For Community Leaders

CDC Guidlines for School Meal Professionals and Community Food Program Volunteers: Click HERE for guidance for keeping employees safe and stopping the spread of the virus.

The University of Kansas' Institute for Policy & Social Research has published a variety of COVID-19 Research and Resources. Click HERE to access those reports and data. 

USDA Families Food Box Feeding Program: USDA Secretary Perdue has announced the Families Food Box program, part of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, to convert excess meat, dairy and produce to food boxes for families in need. The USDA will be engaging existing private food distribution companies to take food from processors to communities. Learn more HERE

Rural Community Resources: The USDA Rural Development office has released a resource guide for rural community leaders dealing with the impact of COVID-19. You can access the resource guide HERE

Community Development Block Grants: The Department of Housing and Urban Development has released update guidance on eligible activities for COVID-19 responses. Click HERE to learn more. 

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